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Sunday, October 2, 2016
Towels are a necessity in any hotel and most rental properties. The quality of the towels is going to have a real impact on the experience of guests. Several tips will help when picking wholesale towels for a hotel or other property.

Cotton or Cotton Blends Are Best

The best towels for a hotel or rental property contain cotton. This could be a simply spun cotton weave or a cotton-poly blend. Cotton has the primary advantage of durability. It will easily withstand regular laundering without tearing or other problems. Another benefit is that cotton is incredibly soft and comfortable. Guests will notice the difference in quality when using real cotton towels. A final advantage is that cotton can be a selling point in advertising for the property.

White Towels Are Easiest To Deal With

The reality is that wholesale white sheets are the easiest to deal with when compared to other colors. This might seem counter intuitive to some people. One of the main reasons that white towels are easy to deal with is because they are simple to launder. They make it possible to use a variety of bleach products or other strong cleaners to remove even the toughest stains. Another point to consider is that white towels are easy to match with any decor.

Look at the Borders

It will help to look closely at the borders of the towels before making a wholesale purchasing decision. There are two primary choices. Dobby borders have intricate design work inside. These borders can add a level of elegance to the property. They do not match every environment, however. Cam borders are tightly woven and flat. They are a type of generic border. Cam borders are more durable but look dull.

by: Palmetto Linen