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Wednesday, October 19, 2016
Choose Thick Comforters for a Home’s Beds 

With winter on its way, more shoppers are thinking about staying warm at night while they are sleeping. Having a thick wholesale bed comforter can keep someone warm during the coldest winter temperatures. In addition to using a comforter on a bed, it is possible to keep one on a living room couch or chair to provide extra warmth while watching television. Buying several comforters for the beds in a home is essential to make it easier to wash and dry the bedding between uses. Keeping bedding sanitized on a routine basis helps everyone to avoid the contamination from skin flakes or perspiration.

Select Washable Comforters

Comforters provide extra warmth because the items have multiple layers of fabric with an insulating layer of soft fiberfill. The trendiest comforters are made of beautiful microfiber fabric that will wash easily and dry quickly. Also, the insulating fiber fill is hypoallergenic to help everyone avoid uncomfortable reactions such as sneezing or a stuffy nose. Shoppers won’t need to worry about the insulating fiberfill clumping or shifting between the layers of a comforter’s microfiber fabric, and over sized comforters are the best choice because it makes it easier to cover the pillows at the top of the bed. Ordering comforters from an online store could become expensive because the items are bulky, but it is possible to find a retailer that offers 100 free shipping and handling.

Decorate With Attractive Comforters 

A wholesale bed comforter can make a statement in a room when it is made of attractive and colorful fabrics. Look for bedding that designed with narrow or wide stripes in colors such as blue, tan and brown to give a bedroom a gorgeous ambiance. Alternatively, shoppers may want to buy matching comforter sets for their beds instead. Some sets might contain multiple pieces that include a dust ruffle, pillow shams and accent pillows in these colors:

• Dark brown, tan and white
• Black, gray and white
• Beige, brown and tan

Thick comforters or comforter sets also make excellent gifts during the holiday season.

by: Palmetto Linen