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Thursday, October 6, 2016
Restaurants Require Numerous Beautiful Table Linens 

Restaurants need to have a lot of tablecloths and place mats for the tables where guests will sit to consume their meals. To save money, a restaurant manager must find wholesale table linens. According to health and sanitation laws, a restaurant must change its table linens after customers leave a table. To keep the linens clean, a restaurant manager will wash the items in hot water and dry the fabrics at a high temperature.

Table Linens Are Available in Many Colors

In addition to having cloth tablecloths and fabric place mats, a restaurant manager may want to use cloth table napkins rather than paper napkins. To have an attractive ambiance in a restaurant, the colors of the table linens should match or complement each other. Some of the colors of table linens that a restaurant manager might want to use include:

• French vanilla
• Sandalwood
• Black
• Burgundy
• Hunter green
• White
• Chocolate
• Camel
• Ivory

Choose the Correct Size Tablecloth or Place Mat

To ensure that tablecloths fit a restaurant’s tables correctly, a manager needs to know the dimensions of the items. Tablecloths are available in different shapes such as round, square or rectangular, and some restaurants require matching tablecloths in a variety of sizes and shapes to have an attractive appearance.

Cotton and Faux Leather Table Linens

Cotton fabrics are the best choice for table linens because the materials are easy to wash and dry. These types of table linens seldom have wrinkles, making it simple to change the items on a table. Some restaurants will want to have faux leather placemats to use alone on tables or to use on top of a tablecloth.

by: Palmetto Linen