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Sunday, November 20, 2016
Bed Bug CoversThere is no doubt that bed bugs are unwelcome guests in any home. An infestation can make life around the house miserable and pave the way for allergies, loss of sleep, and various types of skin irritations. One way to protect the home and the family from an infestation is to invest in bed bug covers. Here are some of the benefits that the family will enjoy once the covers are in place.

Preventing a Resurgence After a Bed Bug Treatment

Most people think of purchasing the covers after infestations been confirmed, and the home has been treated. The idea behind the purchase is to trap any bugs that may have burrowed into the center of each mattress. With the aid of an airtight cover, they will not be able to escape and spread through the rest of the home again. Many experts recommend leaving the covers in place for at least one year to ensure any bugs trapped inside are dead.

A Proactive Measure

No rule says homeowners have to wait until after an infestation to purchase bed bug covers. In fact, using them as a way to protect the mattress is a smart move. Should the bugs gain access to the home, the materials utilized for the cover prevent them from working their way into the bed materials? Thanks to this forward thinking, the process of eliminating an infestation will be easier to manage.

Keeping the Mattress Clean

Even if there is never an outbreak of bed bugs, a cover for the mattress and the box springs will still serve a purpose. Over time, body fluids and dead skin can collect in the bed materials. If there is a cover in place, there is no need to worry about discoloration or stale odors emanating from the mattress. Since many covers can be laundered, it’s easy enough to remove them from the beds, run them through the washer and dryer, and ensure that the bedding is always fresh and clean.

Take the time to compare different cover designs today. There’s bound to be one that is ideal for every bed in the house. Once they are in place, the homeowner can rest easy knowing the protection is there if it’s ever needed.

by: Palmetto Linen