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Monday, November 14, 2016
A Cover On a Mattress Prevents Ugly Stains

Everyone should have special covers for their beds to protect the surfaces of expensive mattresses. High-quality covers on mattresses can help to prevent ugly stains from spilled beverages, foods and body fluids. In addition to covering the mattresses in a home, it is essential to protect the mattresses in hotels and medical facilities. Today, everyone is concerned about contracting an illness from parasites or germs when they are sleeping in a strange bed, but by placing a cover on a mattress, it is easier to keep a mattress clean.

It Is Easy to Wash a Mattress Pad 

It 's hard to clean a mattress because it is too large to wash, but if a removable pad is on a mattress, then it is possible to remove the item to sanitize it in hot water before drying it at a high temperature. Not only will washing and drying these covers eliminate dangerous pathogens, but also, it can remove the dead skin flakes, pollen, and insects that can contaminate a mattress’s surface. Covering mattresses is imperative to protect everyone’s health.

Measure a Mattress to Order the Correct Size Cover 

When choosing the best cover for a mattress, it is important to understand the mattress’s measurements. In addition to measuring the length and width, a shopper must measure the depth of the mattress to order a cover that fits properly. Mattress covers to protect the top surface of mattresses, and the items have an elastic edging to hold the pads in place while someone is sleeping on a bed.

Choose Quilted or Waterproof Mattress Pads 

Quilted mattress pads are thicker and can provide additional cushioning to bed to make it more comfortable. A quilted mattress pad has decorative stitching on the top to help hold the fiberfill polyester in place. There are numerous styles of mattress pads that are made of polyester or blended fabrics. Some mattress pads are extra-thick to provide additional comfort while others are made with waterproof underlying materials to protect a mattress from liquids.

by: Palmetto Linen