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Monday, January 30, 2017
There Are Many Uses for Wholesale Bolster Accent Pillows 

When someone wants to have a beautiful home that is also comfortable, she should buy an assortment of wholesale bolster accent pillows. One of these pillows is a great place to rest an arm while sitting on a chair, couch or love seat. Also, if anyone has a back problem, then it is possible to place one of these pillows at the bottom of a chair’s back to provide support for the spine. It is easy to keep bolster pillows in a vehicle so that children will have soft surfaces for resting their heads while taking a nap. Regular bed pillows are often too large to carry around in a gym bag to use during a yoga class, but a bolster pillow requires less space, and it is also lightweight.

Find Bolster Pillows In a Variety of Beautiful Colors 

When a homeowner wants to add a splash of color to a bedroom’s bed or a living room’s couch, a gorgeous bolster pillow is perfect. There are numerous colors available to complement any decor, including:

• Red
• Green apple
• Dark gray
• Moss green
• Dark brown
• Light brown
• Camel

It is easy to choose the right color of bolster pillow to place on a patterned piece of upholstered furniture, or a homeowner can select a bright color that adds an attractive element to a room.

Buy Accent Pillows With Removable Washable Covers 

The quilted fabric looks beautiful on a bolster pillow, and this type has box stitching on the front along with a flat surface on the back. While many accent pillows are not washable, these bolster pillows have a removable microfiber cover that has a hidden zipper. It is simple to remove the cover to wash and dry the cover to have a sanitized surface. This variety of bolster pillow is the perfect size for placing under a strained neck while reclining on a bed. Bolster pillows are also ideal for using for pets to keep an animal from falling from a high surface such as a chair or couch.

by: Palmetto Linen

Saturday, January 28, 2017
Chefs Require Wholesale Kitchenware and Gadgets for a Commercial Kitchen

When a chef is looking for wholesale kitchenware and gadgets for her commercial kitchen, she wants to find an assortment of items that are durable. Anyone working in a commercial kitchen must maintain health code standards to avoid contaminating food during its preparation. This means that a chef must have multiple items for their kitchen, including sets of skillets, saucepans and Dutch ovens. To stir ingredients in mixing bowls, a chef must have metal whisks that are easy to wash between uses.

Durable Knives and Produce Peelers

To slice meats and vegetables, a chef requires various knives, and to protect the sharp blades; they should have a high-quality wooden knife block. When a chef wants to peel vegetables such as potatoes or carrots, it is easier to use a produce peeler that removes a thin layer. If an inspector enters a commercial kitchen, then he will expect to see the chef switching to a clean peeler when they are preparing different types of vegetables.

High-quality Pizza Cutters and Cookie Sheets

Many commercial kitchens need cookie sheets to use for baking desserts, meat or pizza. If a chef prepares hundreds of meals each day, she will require many cookie sheets. To cut pizza, it is easier to use a metal pizza cutter rather than a sharp knife. A pizza cutter has a sharp wheel that slides over and through the pizza dough to create slices of the food for customers.

Metal Spoons and Washable Can Openers

To prepare many recipes, a commercial kitchen’s chef must use a can opener to open containers of sauces, vegetables, and fruit. Health code regulations require using a different can opener for particular types of foods. Also, a chef must sanitize a can opener in hot water to destroy dangerous bacteria. When a chef needs to order can openers for her kitchen, she wants to buy several at one time. A commercial kitchen’s chef must order long-handled slotted and solid stirring spoons to stir and serve foods to customers.

by: Palmetto Linen

Friday, January 20, 2017
Shopping for Wholesale Bedding & Linens Online
Bedding and linens are essential for successful day-to-day operations in the hospitality field. Professionals who work in hotels, motels and resorts need to depend on bedding and linens on a daily basis. That's why hospitality businesses have to purchase these supplies in bulk. Securing loose bedding & linens is easy. Companies can buy them through material suppliers if they choose to do so. They can also, however, opt to buy them through online sources. Internet providers can often be convenient options for hospitality businesses. These suppliers can frequently help them save significant amounts of time.

There are many different types of wholesale beds and linens available to hospitality businesses. Shoppers can choose between many options in duvets, comforters, blankets, pill
ows and bed sheets. They can also browse different choices in mattress pads, coverlets, bedding accessories and even bed bug covers. Bed bug covers can be smart purchases for hotels, motels, and resorts that want to maintain strict hygiene and cleanliness standards. They can frequently keep the irritating bloodsucking insects at bay. Bed bugs can be highly discouraging and unsettling to hospitality guests.

Hospitality businesses everywhere can easily shop for bed sheets of all different varieties on the Internet. They can buy sheets in a vast assortment of colors, too. Bed sheets tend to be white. There are also options in beige, gray and light blue sheets available to shoppers. Hospitality businesses frequently gravitate to white bed sheets. They do this because white sheets often give the impression of optimal cleanliness and hygiene. Flat sheets and fitted sheets are both attractive options.

There is an abundance of choices in bedding accessories available online. Businesses can browse many pillow shams, bed skirts, accent pillows and bed throws. These products all have their unique purposes and functions. It's usually not too hard for hospitality customers to find great deals and bargains on bedding and linen items. These items are often highly affordable on the Internet. It always depends on the particular retailer, however. Prices can vary dramatically in many cases. Businesses should always take the time to shop around carefully.

by: Palmetto Linen

Sunday, January 15, 2017

For anyone in the hospitality industry, wholesale sheets are a valuable resource. Sheets might seem like a minor detail in the world of hospitality, but clean sheets go a long way toward creating a safe and hygienic environment. If a customer feels a sense of uncleanliness in a hotel or spa, no matter how small, it's likely that they won't return. An excellent management staff takes every opportunity to make their business as clean, sterile, and comfortable as possible.

Why Buy Sheets in Bulk?

Imagine if a hotel room used the same sheets every day for a month. Instead of changing the sheets, the maid simply through the current sheets in the laundry every time a guest checked out. Over time, people would start to complain that the sheets seemed dirty and uncomfortable, even after multiple items of washing. When dealing with multiple people in the same room, a fresh change of sheets is the only way to guarantee cleanliness. The fresh scent and slightly firm texture of new sheets are almost comforting to hotel and spa guests, who expect a high level of cleanliness every time they stay at the location.

Extra sheets are also helpful in case of emergencies. Some maids arrive to find the sheets ripped or torn, or stained with a dark substance like coffee that can't be easily washed out. Having a supply of fresh sheets on hand is an excellent way to ensure that the hotel or spas prepared for any accident or mishap.

Where to Buy Wholesale Sheets

Wholesale bed sheets can easily be purchased from a wide range of Internet suppliers. Many websites sell bedsheets in bulk, as well as pillowcases and fitted massage table sheets. Different colors and materials are available to suit each location's individual needs. The sheets are clean and sterile and specially crafted for professional places. Some websites offer free shipping for certain orders.

by: Palmetto Linen

Thursday, January 12, 2017
A microfiber pillow case can be an excellent choice for anyone looking to get a better night's sleep. Cotton pillow cases can be low in quality when it comes to how long they last, and how well they launder. A pillow case that's microfiber, however, lasts longer than a 100% cotton pillow case or even a poly-cotton blend pillow case. A microfiber case is also less expensive. They come in standard size as well asking, so it's easy to make the switch from cotton to microfiber.

The 110 GSM microfiber cases are also incredibly soft. They're in fact softer than the popular cotton sheet. Unlike cotton sheets that are graded based on thread count, microfiber sheets are graded according to their gram weight, or GSM. The greater the GSM, the plusher microfiber sheets will be when finished. Since these pillow cases have a GSM of 110, they are one of the softest luxury pillowcases offered.

To get the cases as gentle and luxurious as they are, the pillow cases are made using an ultra-fine high-quality microfiber polyester yarn. This makes sure the pillow cases are incredibly breathable, comfortable and plush. Not only are they soft, but they also dry quickly as well. No more running the dryer multiple times when drying traditional sheets and pillow cases. Microfiber pillow cases dry 30% faster than cotton blend or cotton sheets and cases.

A tip for washing pillow cases made of microfiber is to use a dryer sheet when drying them. As with many synthetic fabrics, using a dryer sheet will significantly reduce any static cling that might occur. It also lessens any wrinkling that may happen during the drying process, allowing for the pillow cases to come out almost wrinkle-free.

There are many perks to making the switch from traditional pillow cases to some that are made of microfiber. They're luxurious, cost-effective and less likely to wrinkle when compared to regular sheets. A microfiber pillow case is recommended to anyone who loves a soft, quick to dry super plush pillowcase.

by: Palmetto Linen