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Sunday, January 15, 2017

For anyone in the hospitality industry, wholesale sheets are a valuable resource. Sheets might seem like a minor detail in the world of hospitality, but clean sheets go a long way toward creating a safe and hygienic environment. If a customer feels a sense of uncleanliness in a hotel or spa, no matter how small, it's likely that they won't return. An excellent management staff takes every opportunity to make their business as clean, sterile, and comfortable as possible.

Why Buy Sheets in Bulk?

Imagine if a hotel room used the same sheets every day for a month. Instead of changing the sheets, the maid simply through the current sheets in the laundry every time a guest checked out. Over time, people would start to complain that the sheets seemed dirty and uncomfortable, even after multiple items of washing. When dealing with multiple people in the same room, a fresh change of sheets is the only way to guarantee cleanliness. The fresh scent and slightly firm texture of new sheets are almost comforting to hotel and spa guests, who expect a high level of cleanliness every time they stay at the location.

Extra sheets are also helpful in case of emergencies. Some maids arrive to find the sheets ripped or torn, or stained with a dark substance like coffee that can't be easily washed out. Having a supply of fresh sheets on hand is an excellent way to ensure that the hotel or spas prepared for any accident or mishap.

Where to Buy Wholesale Sheets

Wholesale bed sheets can easily be purchased from a wide range of Internet suppliers. Many websites sell bedsheets in bulk, as well as pillowcases and fitted massage table sheets. Different colors and materials are available to suit each location's individual needs. The sheets are clean and sterile and specially crafted for professional places. Some websites offer free shipping for certain orders.

by: Palmetto Linen