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Monday, January 30, 2017
There Are Many Uses for Wholesale Bolster Accent Pillows 

When someone wants to have a beautiful home that is also comfortable, she should buy an assortment of wholesale bolster accent pillows. One of these pillows is a great place to rest an arm while sitting on a chair, couch or love seat. Also, if anyone has a back problem, then it is possible to place one of these pillows at the bottom of a chair’s back to provide support for the spine. It is easy to keep bolster pillows in a vehicle so that children will have soft surfaces for resting their heads while taking a nap. Regular bed pillows are often too large to carry around in a gym bag to use during a yoga class, but a bolster pillow requires less space, and it is also lightweight.

Find Bolster Pillows In a Variety of Beautiful Colors 

When a homeowner wants to add a splash of color to a bedroom’s bed or a living room’s couch, a gorgeous bolster pillow is perfect. There are numerous colors available to complement any decor, including:

• Red
• Green apple
• Dark gray
• Moss green
• Dark brown
• Light brown
• Camel

It is easy to choose the right color of bolster pillow to place on a patterned piece of upholstered furniture, or a homeowner can select a bright color that adds an attractive element to a room.

Buy Accent Pillows With Removable Washable Covers 

The quilted fabric looks beautiful on a bolster pillow, and this type has box stitching on the front along with a flat surface on the back. While many accent pillows are not washable, these bolster pillows have a removable microfiber cover that has a hidden zipper. It is simple to remove the cover to wash and dry the cover to have a sanitized surface. This variety of bolster pillow is the perfect size for placing under a strained neck while reclining on a bed. Bolster pillows are also ideal for using for pets to keep an animal from falling from a high surface such as a chair or couch.

by: Palmetto Linen