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Tuesday, February 28, 2017
Modernize a Bedroom With Wholesale Quilted Bed Scarves and Throws

Bed Scarves/Throws - Quilted Bedding CollectionToday, the managers of hotels must modernize their guest bedrooms with attractive bedding such as wholesale quilted bed scarves and throws. Bed scarves are partial coverlets that are placed at the foot of bed to make it look attractive along with providing additional warmth for a guest’s feet and legs. Alternatively, hospitality managers may want to have quilted throws instead so that guests can use the items while sitting on a chair or couch. Throws or bed scarves are often interchangeable, and it is possible to find these items in a variety of colors and sizes.

Throws and Scarves Provide Warmth While Protecting Other Bedding

A durable bed scarf can protect a hotel’s bedding from the soil on a hotel guest’s shoes as she reclines on a bed for a nap. Also, a bed scarf can add a splash of color to a plain hotel room. Quilted fabrics are warmer and are suitable for the cozy throws or bed scarves. Some of the best colors of these items include:

• Bright red
• Green apple
• Dark gray
• Moss green
• Dark brown
• Camel
• Light brown

In addition to placing a bed scarf or throw on the beds in hotels, it is possible to use several decorative pillows that match the items. To create a decorative effect throughout hotel rooms, place additional throws and scarves on the backs of couches and chairs. The best bed scarves will unfold into a larger size to use as a throw on a cold winter evening.

Learn How to Fold Bed Throws and Scarves

Despite looking beautiful, each box stitched scarf or throw is machine washable and dryable, making it easy to sanitize between different hotel guests. Ordering throws and scarves in bulk quantities is fast and easy for a manager who wants to create an attractive ambiance in their hotel. A scarf or throw for a bed is available in only one size, but the maids working for a hotel can learn how to fold the items to create a gorgeous bedroom.

by: Palmetto Linen

Bed Skirts for a Quality Finish

14" Wrap Around Bed SkirtsAdding a Bed Skirt to a bedroom’s decor is an excellent way to pull the room together. These accessories are both attractive and functional, and they are available in a variety of styles and colors. Any size bed from twin to king will have a more polished and sophisticated look when it is fully dressed.

There are two basic types of skirts: platform and wrap-around. The platform style has a flat piece of thin fabric that covers the top of the box springs and remains hidden under the mattress. The decorative panels extend from this platform to the floor, a drop of 14 inches. The pleated style of skirt is one of the most popular options. It has smooth panels with a classic pleat in the middle of each side.

The wrap-around skirt does not have a platform. Instead, it has elastic around the top edge. This allows it to be slipped around the box springs without having to move the mattress. The elastic holds it snugly in place, and it will not shift if the mattress slides a bit. Because the wrap-around style is gathered, it is sometimes also called a dust ruffle.

Both types of skirts are available in a range of colors to either match or contrast with the other bedding that is being used. There are quiet neutrals, soft pastels or classic tones like navy or red. The fabrics are also machine washable for easy care.

A Bed Skirt not only adds a tidy finish to bed, but it functions to conceal anything that may be under it. Under-bed storage containers are a popular solution for using what would otherwise be wasted space. Out-of-season clothes, extra bedding and a variety of other items can be tucked away under the bed with the skirt hiding them from view.

Coordinated bedding is common in homes, and it is a must for professional lodging. Inns and hotels can use skirts to make their rooms appear neat and fresh. Crisp fabrics in attractive colors give an air of quality that guests will appreciate and remember.

by: Palmetto Linen

 Shopping for Wholesale Alta Dura Fleece Blankets

Alta Dura-Fleece Hospitality Blankets Wholesale - Long-Lasting, Durable, Non-PillingAlta-Dura fleece blankets are the ultimate in comfort and strength. People who are looking to purchase cozy blankets that can stand the test of time, because of that, frequently turn to them. Shopping for high-quality Alta-Dura fleece blankets in bulk doesn't have to be overwhelming or time-consuming for anyone. People can quickly locate wholesale Alta-Dura fleece blankets on the Internet. There are quite a few highly respected Internet retailers that sell wholesale Alta-Dura fleece blankets to the public.

These blankets can be suitable for all different types of businesses. They can be appropriate for use in hospitality environments of all kinds. People who own and operate hotels and bed and breakfasts frequently rely on them. These blankets aren't only ideal for hospitality settings, either. That's because they're also perfect for care facilities. They're not hard to find in nursing homes, hospitals and beyond.

Shoppers can buy these blankets in all sizes. Twin, full, queen and king options are all readily available. They're typically available for sale in convenient cases that consist of eight pieces. These blankets come in various appealing colors, too. These colors include ivory, gray, navy blue, light blue, and tan.

These impressive blankets were constructed using a durable and resilient anti-pill material. This material is suitable for people who appreciate smooth and pleasant blanket feels. These blankets are non-piling. They, as a result, are optimal for commercial environments. They can tolerate commercial laundry processes with ease. These blankets, last but not least, feature the convenience of double stitch self-hems. These hems provide the blankets with the gift of longevity. They're perfect for business owners and representatives who don't want to have to think about frustrating blanket replacement for quite some time.

These fleece blankets aren't only comfortable and dependable. They're also visually enticing. They blend in beautifully in many settings.

by: Palmetto Linen

Saturday, February 11, 2017

Choosing the Right Shower Curtain for Your Clientele

Shower curtains come in several styles, lengths, and fabric materials. Choosing the right one for your shower or tub installations takes just a couple of easy steps prior to making your purchase.

You will need to measure the length of your shower curtain rods and the length of the rod to the bottom of your shower floors or tub bases. Next, determine if there is adequate lighting inside the shower once a curtain is up.

Then, you just have to decide what curtains you want for your hospitality business from a shop bathroom wholesaler.

Standard Shower Curtains

Standard fabric shower curtains are available in either light or heavy weight waffle weave polyester fabric that is washable. You can choose from a variety of solid colors. These typically measure 72” wide x 72” long. You can also get a curtain that is extra long at 78”. You will need either metal or plastic rings or hooks to hang from the rod. You may also want to have a shower curtain liner with a fabric curtain.

Decorative striped standard shower curtains can add a pop of subtle color to your bathrooms. These are typically 70” wide x 72” long and are very popular. You can use these with or without a liner.

If you prefer window curtains to allow for more light into the shower, consider getting a heavy gauge vinyl curtain. The bottom half is opaque, while the top half is clear as a window. These are available in a variety of sizes: 72” wide x 72” long, 72” wide x 78” long, 72” wide x 84” long, or 54” wide x 78” long for smaller stall showers. You will still need the hooks or rings to hang these curtains.

EZ On Shower Curtains

You might prefer curtains that don’t require any hooks or rings. EZ On curtains are perfect for this because they have built-in shower rings that easily snap on to the shower curtain rod. The EZ On curtains is 100% water repellent so that you won’t need liners. They are available in solid, striped, or circle patterns. EZ On curtains are 70” wide x 72” long.

by: Palmetto Linen

Shop Bedroom Products to Find Deluxe Comforters, Pillows and Linens

The guests that are visiting a hotel while on vacation expect to have bedrooms with comfortable linens, pillows, and comforters. Hotel managers can shop bedroom items to find the products required for the guests' rooms. When managers are looking for the items necessary for a hotel, they must find products that are washable at a high temperature that will destroy pathogens such as bacteria and viruses.

Types of Items Required for a Hotel’s Guest Bedrooms

At the same time, a hotel manager must save money by finding affordable products that are offered at wholesale prices. A hotel manager may want the guests’ bedrooms to look identical, and the best way to order bedding that matches is by choosing bulk packages of items. Some of the things that a manager should order for a hotel include:

• Down alternative pillows – available in a variety of sizes
• Duvet covers – in basic white stripes
• Comforter sets – made with black, tan or brown fabrics
• Coverlets – lightweight coverlets made from gray, brown or tan fabrics
• Blankets – heavy fleece blankets made from white, tan or blue fabrics
• Bed linens – different sizes made from white cotton or microfiber fabrics
• Bedding accessories – such as pillow shams or accent pillows
• Mattress pads – designed for protecting mattresses from contamination

Hotel managers can purchase bedding supplies for bedrooms in bulk quantities such as a dozen pillow shams, and the items are delivered in one box to the chosen address.

Create a Gorgeous Environment For a Hotel’s Guests 

Most managers don’t have a lot of time for shopping for supplies, but when it is easy to find the items needed at wholesale prices and in bulk quantities, it is possible to redecorate a hotel’s bedrooms in only a few minutes. It is simple to look at full-color photographs and read detailed descriptions of products to create attractive guest bedrooms inside a hotel. By looking at the images, a manager can select different products that coordinate with other nearby areas of a hotel’s room, including the bathroom, kitchenette or office.

by: Palmetto Linen