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Tuesday, February 28, 2017
Modernize a Bedroom With Wholesale Quilted Bed Scarves and Throws

Bed Scarves/Throws - Quilted Bedding CollectionToday, the managers of hotels must modernize their guest bedrooms with attractive bedding such as wholesale quilted bed scarves and throws. Bed scarves are partial coverlets that are placed at the foot of bed to make it look attractive along with providing additional warmth for a guest’s feet and legs. Alternatively, hospitality managers may want to have quilted throws instead so that guests can use the items while sitting on a chair or couch. Throws or bed scarves are often interchangeable, and it is possible to find these items in a variety of colors and sizes.

Throws and Scarves Provide Warmth While Protecting Other Bedding

A durable bed scarf can protect a hotel’s bedding from the soil on a hotel guest’s shoes as she reclines on a bed for a nap. Also, a bed scarf can add a splash of color to a plain hotel room. Quilted fabrics are warmer and are suitable for the cozy throws or bed scarves. Some of the best colors of these items include:

• Bright red
• Green apple
• Dark gray
• Moss green
• Dark brown
• Camel
• Light brown

In addition to placing a bed scarf or throw on the beds in hotels, it is possible to use several decorative pillows that match the items. To create a decorative effect throughout hotel rooms, place additional throws and scarves on the backs of couches and chairs. The best bed scarves will unfold into a larger size to use as a throw on a cold winter evening.

Learn How to Fold Bed Throws and Scarves

Despite looking beautiful, each box stitched scarf or throw is machine washable and dryable, making it easy to sanitize between different hotel guests. Ordering throws and scarves in bulk quantities is fast and easy for a manager who wants to create an attractive ambiance in their hotel. A scarf or throw for a bed is available in only one size, but the maids working for a hotel can learn how to fold the items to create a gorgeous bedroom.

by: Palmetto Linen