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Thursday, March 30, 2017
A good night’s rest begins with a comfortable duvet and duvet cover. Cozy duvets are the perfect bedding solution for any hospitality provider. They are designed for ease of use and will last for many years.

White Duvet Inserts - Down-Alternative FillFirst Impression

A first impression is a lasting one, and the bed is one of the first things a visitor notices when entering a room. White stripe duvet covers offer a clean, soft look that matches well with any decor. It is important to set the right tone from the start, and a duvet cover is a perfect choice.

All Season

White duvet inserts provide all season comfort. The alternative down filling is made of 350 ounces per square yard polyester fiber-fill and is hypoallergenic. The channels are sewn from one end of the duvet to the other, and the hem is double stitched for strength.

Long Lasting

Hospitality providers appreciate the long lasting durability of the wholesale duvets and duvet covers. They can be washed many times and each time will come out looking like new. Both the duvet and covers are machine washable and dryable for quick turnarounds.


The duvet has a 90 GSM microfiber shell with a soft brushed finish. The duvet cover is a 55% cotton 45% polyester blend and has a 250 thread count. Both the duvet and the duvet cover come in twin, queen, and king sizes.

A Perfect Fit

Attention to detail is what sets the wholesale duvets, and duvet covers apart from the crowd. The white stripe duvet covers are made to fit around the duvet. They are easy to take off and put back on after washing.

Quality Counts

Discerning patrons know quality when they see it. Hospitality providers want their customers to have a good experience during their stay. The main part of their time is spent sleeping, and the bedding needs to provide them with the most comfort possible.

Matching Set

A cohesive look is always a great way to go when choosing to bed because it takes the guess work out of bed making. The matching covers, duvets, skirts, and pillow shams offer the perfect combination of any bed.

by: Palmetto Linen

Six Benefits of Buying House Linens Wholesale

When a homeowner is too busy to wash bedding, tablecloths, and towels frequently, she can buy large assortments of these items. There are several benefits of buying house linens wholesale, including these reasons.

Reason 1: Finding High-quality Products

Wholesale products are made from higher quality materials because the items are designed for use in hospitality establishments. These businesses include hotels that require durable bath towels and washcloths that will remain in top-notch condition despite frequent laundering in hot water.

Reason 2: Color Selection of Linens

When someone wants to have an attractive home with certain colors, looking for wholesale linens makes it easier to find matching colors for different rooms. Rather than traveling from one store to another to find pillowcases that match bedsheets, it is simpler to order everything at wholesale prices.

Reason 3: More Sizes To Choose From

Stores that offer wholesale prices on house linens have more sizes to choose from so that it is easier to find the right duvet for a queen-size mattress. If a homeowner needs to find a tablecloth that is a particular shape such as oval or square, then a retailer with wholesale products will have these items available.

Reason 4: Preparing For Special Events

When a bride is planning her wedding, she may need numerous household linens such as place mats or tablecloths. In some cases, the bride will want matching colors of linens in different shapes and sizes to have an attractive wedding reception venue.

Reason 5: Having Enough Bedding For Guests

It is essential to have clean and attractive bedding available for houseguests, and by ordering bedspreads, comforters, and bedsheets in bulk quantities at wholesale prices, a homeowner can have enough bedding available.

Reason 6: Save Money With Wholesale Prices

Everyone wants to save money when buying house linens for a home. It can cost a fortune to buy individual linens such as hand towels or pillowcases, but when a homeowner is buying his linens at wholesale prices, he will receive large quantities of the items at a reduced price.

by: Palmetto Linen

Monday, March 20, 2017
Wholesale Kitchen Towels - 15"X25" - 100% CottonWholesale kitchen towels can come in handy for all types of businesses these days. They can be helpful for residential care facilities of all kinds. Nursing homes and rehabilitation centers all around the United States and beyond regularly have to purchase kitchen towels in bulk. These towels can be beneficial for dining establishments of all varieties as well. Casual fast food joints need towels for their kitchens. The same goes for formal five-star restaurants. Wholesale kitchen towels are also necessary for accommodations of all types. They're necessities for hotels, bed and breakfasts, inns, hostels and more.

Purchasing kitchen towels individually can be quite expensive. That's why businesses buy them in bulk. Wholesale rates for kitchen towels are usually a lot lower and more reasonable. Businesses frequently take care of their wholesale towel purchases on the Internet. Many prominent online retailers specialize in all kinds of wholesale products. Businesses that are searching for reputable Internet retailers that sell towels should opt for stores that prioritize products such as shower curtains, mattress pads, comforter sets, table linens and bed bug covers. These stores often have large selections of wholesale towels available to the public.

Shoppers should always focus on quality when looking for wholesale towels for kitchen use. They need to put their attention on towels that are sturdy, resilient and highly absorbent. It can also be wise to look for towels that stay smooth and soft even after many uses. Towels that are rough are anything but appealing and dependable. Experienced shoppers tend to look for towels that are made using cotton yarn and cotton yarn alone. Cotton yarn towels can make great choices for hospitality settings of all types. They're extremely reliable. They don't wear out easily or quickly at all.

Kitchen towels come in many sizes. They come in many colors as well. Brown, white, beige and black kitchen towels are all popular.

by: Palmetto Linen

Microfiber Spa Bath Rugs - Non-Skid Latex BackFour Things to Think About When Buying Wholesale Bath and Area Rugs

When a homeowner needs soft and durable floor coverings, she should buy wholesale bath and area rugs that are easy to machine wash and air-dry. Buying rugs in bulk packaging is more affordable, and a homeowner will have extra rugs to use while the dirty ones are being washed. Here are a few things to think about when buying rugs for a home or business.

1: What Size Are the Area or Bath Rugs?

It is essential to measure the space where someone needs to place a rug. The correct size of the rug makes a room look better while also protecting the underlying floor tile from damaging gravel or moisture. Look for rugs that are available in these sizes:

• Small
• Standard
• Medium
• Large

2: What Type of Backing Does the Rug Have?

When someone wants to use a rug on a floor surface that it is often slippery, it is important to choose an item that has a nonskid backing. This type of backing is made of latex that requires air-drying to keep it from melting in a hot dryer. Use nonskid rugs in bathrooms near sinks, toilets, and bathtubs. Experts recommend placing nonskid rugs in kitchens near the sink or in front of doorways to capture dirt and moisture.

3: What Type of Fibers Is the Rug Made From?

No one wants to walk on a hard rug that hurts their feet, but it is possible to find soft microfiber rugs that are made from 100 percent polyester. After stepping out of a bathtub or shower stall, it is nice to have an absorbent and soft bath rug on the floor to prevent a dangerous fall.

4: Is the Rug an Attractive Color?

An area or bath rug can help a room look more attractive when it is the right color. Fortunately, it is easy to find these beautiful colors of rugs:

• Gold
• Brown
• Gray
• Tan
• White
• Black
• Green
• Multicolor

A brightly colored rug can give a room a splash of color to make it more beautiful.

by: Palmetto Linen

Monday, March 6, 2017
Washing Comforter Sets and Quilted Bedding: The Best Way

Full, 4-Piece Comforter Sets, Pollack Collection, MicrofiberDid you know that according to most housekeeping specialists, you should wash your comforter or quilted bedding two or three times per year? While that's not as often as you have to wash sheets, comforters are also more inconvenient and unwieldy to wash and dry.

That brings up a question: what are the best way to wash comforter sets and quilted bedding?

A Few Simple Rules

To get a truly optimal cleaning of your bedding, all you need to do is follow this simple two-step process:

1. Use a Full Washing Machine

Too much extra room in your personal or a larger commercial washer can cause your bedding to be tossed around a lot. If your comforter set is filled with fiberfill, this can cause it to clump and shift around, making for uneven coverage and warmth. For best results, you should load the washer with enough other items to fill it.

2. Be Patient: Spread the Drying Process Out

For great results, you should spread the drying process out at least twice as long as you would usually take with a load of clothes. By this, we mean that you should run your dryer on a low setting and stop it half-way through its cycle.

If you allow the comforter to air dry for at least a half-hour, it can prevent your bedding from dryer-caused "hot spots" that can ruin both appearance and quality.

Are the Results Worth the Extra Time?

By now, we hope we've fully answered the question, "What are the best way to wash comforter sets and quilted bedding?" Quite simply, it's a matter of a full washing machine and a spread-out drying cycle.

Although performing the process right means taking a little extra time, we assure you that the quality of the wash and the minimal effect on the bedding is well-worth the extra hour or so--especially if you don't have the money to re-purchase household items.

by: Palmetto Linen

Soft-Touch 110 GSM Luxury Microfiber Flat SheetsWhen someone loves using 100 percent cotton sheets on her bed, it is often because she loves soft and natural fibers that help air to circulate her body while she is sleeping. While cotton sheets can feel soft and comfortable, the items will also wrinkle easily under the wrong laundering conditions. It is possible to minimize the ugly wrinkles on cotton sheets by following these simple tips during the laundering process.

1: Don’t Overfill the Washing Machine

Avoid putting too many flat and fitted sheets into a washer in one load. If the sheets are bunched up together, then the items are more likely to develop deep and difficult to remove wrinkles.

2: Use a Delicate Washing Cycle

Using a delicate cycle on the washing machine can keep the fibers of 100 percent cotton sheets looking beautiful. When buying a washing machine, verify that it has a variety of settings for different fabrics.

3: Hang Cotton Sheets On a Clothesline

To keep cotton sheets from becoming wrinkled, hang the items on a clothesline outside using clothespins to hold the items in place. The sheets will dry quickly from a gentle breeze and will have a beautiful fragrance from the sunshine.

4: Dry Cotton Sheets At a Low-temperature

Instead of setting the dryer’s temperature on the highest setting, use a low-temperature that does not damage the fabric. Also, make sure that the sheets are not clumped together inside the dryer.

5: Remove Cotton Sheets From a Dryer Immediately

Make sure to remove cotton sheets from a dryer immediately before the material is too hot. Smooth the fabric carefully on a tabletop to remove any wrinkles before folding the sheet for storage.

6: Use Cotton Sheets Immediately

Rather than storing cotton sheets on a shelf or inside a drawer where the fabric will begin to wrinkle, put the items on a bed quickly. Make sure to place the fitted cotton sheet carefully on the bed before placing the flat sheet on top while smoothing away any creases.

by: Palmetto Linen