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Monday, March 6, 2017

Soft-Touch 110 GSM Luxury Microfiber Flat SheetsWhen someone loves using 100 percent cotton sheets on her bed, it is often because she loves soft and natural fibers that help air to circulate her body while she is sleeping. While cotton sheets can feel soft and comfortable, the items will also wrinkle easily under the wrong laundering conditions. It is possible to minimize the ugly wrinkles on cotton sheets by following these simple tips during the laundering process.

1: Don’t Overfill the Washing Machine

Avoid putting too many flat and fitted sheets into a washer in one load. If the sheets are bunched up together, then the items are more likely to develop deep and difficult to remove wrinkles.

2: Use a Delicate Washing Cycle

Using a delicate cycle on the washing machine can keep the fibers of 100 percent cotton sheets looking beautiful. When buying a washing machine, verify that it has a variety of settings for different fabrics.

3: Hang Cotton Sheets On a Clothesline

To keep cotton sheets from becoming wrinkled, hang the items on a clothesline outside using clothespins to hold the items in place. The sheets will dry quickly from a gentle breeze and will have a beautiful fragrance from the sunshine.

4: Dry Cotton Sheets At a Low-temperature

Instead of setting the dryer’s temperature on the highest setting, use a low-temperature that does not damage the fabric. Also, make sure that the sheets are not clumped together inside the dryer.

5: Remove Cotton Sheets From a Dryer Immediately

Make sure to remove cotton sheets from a dryer immediately before the material is too hot. Smooth the fabric carefully on a tabletop to remove any wrinkles before folding the sheet for storage.

6: Use Cotton Sheets Immediately

Rather than storing cotton sheets on a shelf or inside a drawer where the fabric will begin to wrinkle, put the items on a bed quickly. Make sure to place the fitted cotton sheet carefully on the bed before placing the flat sheet on top while smoothing away any creases.

by: Palmetto Linen