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Monday, March 6, 2017
Washing Comforter Sets and Quilted Bedding: The Best Way

Full, 4-Piece Comforter Sets, Pollack Collection, MicrofiberDid you know that according to most housekeeping specialists, you should wash your comforter or quilted bedding two or three times per year? While that's not as often as you have to wash sheets, comforters are also more inconvenient and unwieldy to wash and dry.

That brings up a question: what are the best way to wash comforter sets and quilted bedding?

A Few Simple Rules

To get a truly optimal cleaning of your bedding, all you need to do is follow this simple two-step process:

1. Use a Full Washing Machine

Too much extra room in your personal or a larger commercial washer can cause your bedding to be tossed around a lot. If your comforter set is filled with fiberfill, this can cause it to clump and shift around, making for uneven coverage and warmth. For best results, you should load the washer with enough other items to fill it.

2. Be Patient: Spread the Drying Process Out

For great results, you should spread the drying process out at least twice as long as you would usually take with a load of clothes. By this, we mean that you should run your dryer on a low setting and stop it half-way through its cycle.

If you allow the comforter to air dry for at least a half-hour, it can prevent your bedding from dryer-caused "hot spots" that can ruin both appearance and quality.

Are the Results Worth the Extra Time?

By now, we hope we've fully answered the question, "What are the best way to wash comforter sets and quilted bedding?" Quite simply, it's a matter of a full washing machine and a spread-out drying cycle.

Although performing the process right means taking a little extra time, we assure you that the quality of the wash and the minimal effect on the bedding is well-worth the extra hour or so--especially if you don't have the money to re-purchase household items.

by: Palmetto Linen