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Wednesday, April 26, 2017
Roller Ball Shower Curtain Hook Sets in Bulk - Strong, Easy Glide Design, Rust ResistantA shower curtain often becomes a centerpiece in a bathroom. Yes, the expensive fixtures in bathrooms matter. However, a shower curtain can make or break a bathroom design scheme. Also, a shower curtain is an inexpensive way to provide your bathroom with an instant makeover. With that said, make sure you don't neglect the importance of shower curtain hooks and rings. These rings will display your curtain for everyone to see. Make sure those shower curtain tools count.

If you are on the hunt for great shower curtain tools, there are plenty of places you can look. There are also many wonderful designs out there for shower curtain rings and hooks. For example, you can easily find plastic hooks in a bright white that can easily hook a shower curtain over any rod. You can also find these hooks in black, bone, and clear colors that can match the rest of your bathroom decor. There are also shower curtain rings that snap solidly shut. With these rings, you won't need to worry about your shower curtain inadvertently becoming dislodged. You can find these rings in frost, clear, black, tan, and more!

In your hunt for the perfect tools to use to hang your shower curtain, don't forget that there are other ways to attach a shower curtain. You don't need to only rely on simple hooks and clasps. For example, there is shower curtain rings out there with roller balls. These bathroom tools come in a variety of colors and materials. They are rust resistant, and you can find them finished in silver, bronze, and more. These shower curtain roller balls add a degree of class to almost any shower curtain you can find. Check some of them out!

Remember, a shower curtain can make or a break the overall aesthetic of your bathroom. Make sure that curtain is hung right with the best tools you can find. Look to see if any of the clasps, hooks, or roller balls described above are right for you and your bathroom. After you find the right ones, you and your family will shower in style.

by: Palmetto Linen

Massage Table Flat Sheets - Spa-Touch Brushed MicrofiberWhether you're setting up your massage parlor for the first time or you're simply ready for an update, it's important to be sure that you choose the right sheets for your spa table. Spa table sheets set the tone for the entire massage, letting your clients know how much you care about their comfort throughout the massage. When you're selecting your sheets, make sure they have these elements.

The Right Size

The fitted sheet for your massage table should be big enough to cover the table fully, but tight enough that it won't be pulled loose if the client shifts or turns. This will ensure that the table is fully covered, which will, in turn, make the client more comfortable. The flat sheet, on the other hand, should be large enough to easily cover your clients, preserving their modesty throughout the massage.

The Right Texture

Lying down on soft, fluffy sheets with a high thread count or soft fibers is the perfect way to start a massage and make your client feel as though they are basking in luxury. Those first moments between the sheets can help set the stage for the entire massage, making your clients more comfortable from the moment the massage begins. By choosing sheets that are soft, you let them know that you genuinely care about their comfort.

Tough Enough to Last

The sheets on your massage table are destined to see heavy use. They'll be tossed through the washer every time you're done with a client. Not only that, they'll need heavy-duty washing to remove oils and sanitize the sheets after every use. The right sheets for you will be tough in spite of their softness, durable enough to hold up long-term in spite of the frequent washing.

The right spa table sheets can make a big difference in your clients' perception of the massage process. By choosing the perfect set of sheets, you help put your client in a better mood, relax them more, and show them how much you care about their comfort. Don't get caught short; instead, choose great, high-quality sheets that will enhance the massage experience for your clients.

by: Palmetto Linen

Monday, April 17, 2017
How to Shop For Different Types of Quilted Mattress Pads and Pillow Toppers

Pillows and mattresses are expensive bedding items that require protection with machine washable and dryable covers. Fortunately, there are different types of quilted mattress pads and pillow toppers to meet each person’s needs. An individual may want to buy a deluxe wholesale fitted mattress topper that is made from a combination of polyester and cotton that sold in cases of 12.

Wholesale Pillow Topper Mattress PadsMattress Pads and Pillow Toppers Are Made of Bleachable White Fabric 

To save money, a hospitality manager might want to have value-priced microfiber mattress toppers that are sold in cases of six. A luxury hotel manager may prefer having the highest quality mattress toppers that are made of thicker material and sold in a case of four. Mattress pads and pillow toppers are made of durable white fabric that is easy to sanitize in hot water with bleach.

Create a Soft and Waterproof Sleeping Surface

Also, these facilities should select mattress toppers that are lined with a waterproof material that provides additional protection for a mattress's surface. Each type of mattress topper contains different amounts of fiberfill, and it will have its variety of quilted stitching design to create a comfortable sleeping surface.

Keep Expensive Pillows Sanitary With Zippered Pillow Toppers

At the same time, it is important to keep a pillow sanitary by inserting the item in a washable zippered cover that can prevent contamination from body oils and insects. Housekeeping staff can remove the pillow toppers easily for fast laundering to maintain a local region’s health code standards.

Prevent an Infestation From Insects With Specialized Pillow Toppers and Mattress Pads 

In some cities, a hotel or medical facility is required to have pillow toppers and mattress pads that have functional zippers and closures that prevent an infestation from insects. While covering a bed’s mattress and pillow, experts recommend also protecting the box springs with another topper. These slightly stretchy mattress pads and pillow toppers cover the bedding on all sides to keep vermin from entering the fibers.

by: Palmetto Linen

Stainless Steel Cookware Set - 7 Pieces - Palmetto ClassicCooking is a lot of fun. Cooking is also an essential skill. People need to cook so they can prepare homemade meals that are nutritious and inexpensive. Part of being able to cook well is having access to the right equipment. The right kind of cooking equipment enables anyone to make delicious meals they can eat and serve to others as well. A well-stocked kitchen is a must. Great cookware lets anyone make anything from a simple boiled egg to a formal meal for a dozen guests. When looking for specific pieces to stock a kitchen, many people want certain qualities in the cookware they buy. This includes cookware that is durable, easy to use and has many important safety features that protect them from burns and other problems.

Elegant and Useful 

A stainless steel seven piece cookware set is that allows anyone to set up a kitchen properly. Saucepans mean that the cook can cook the food to the desired texture. A cook can also pick from the smaller two-quart model or, the larger four quarts one, allowing to cook a small meal or a larger one if they are cooking for their family. The glass vented lid allows steam to escape, meaning that the sauce will not get burned. It also means that the cook can control the temperature of the item to their exacting specifications.

Other Items 

Other items in this set are also very useful for anyone who loves to cook. The Dutch oven allows people to properly cook large items such as a roast along with side dishes like potatoes at the same time. This makes it easy for any cook to create a full course meal in their home. The large frying pan has an even surface so that food will not stick to it. This makes it easy for any cook to make a quick stir fry for lunch or a nice plate of well-seasoned scrambled eggs for a quick weekend brunch. All the bottoms on each piece of cookware are encapsulated for extra strength and additional long-term durability.

by: Palmetto Linen

Thursday, April 13, 2017
Soft-Touch 110 GSM Luxury Microfiber Flat SheetsOne of the major stresses when trying to get a good night’s sleep is temperature control. In winter, it is easy to add blankets and load up on warm sheets, but what can be done in the heat of summer? To get a comfortable night’s sleep, cotton is usually suggested for its ability to help you “sleep cool”; it is also valued for its softness. Unfortunately, pure cotton has the downside of wrinkling, fading, and shrinking. It is just not as durable as synthetic fibers and will not be a cost-effective choice when deciding to purchase wholesale white bed sheets, especially if they are used in the hospitality industry. You will surely see fabric-thinning or even holes developing in no time.

On the other hand, polyester, a common synthetic fiber, is durable and does not succumb to the same problems cotton has. Polyester sheets have the ability to stand up to the punishing demands of regular laundering. The problem with pure polyester sheets is that they tend to trap the heat making them a poor choice for hot climates. They also do not exude that soft feeling you get from cotton.

There is a way to gain the best of both worlds. People who are looking to purchase wholesale white bed sheets would do well to consider purchasing ones that are made of both cotton and polyester. This will allow for cool, soft sheets that are also very durable and wrinkle resistant. Furthermore, the ideal cotton/polyester blend sheets should contain “percale” cotton. Percale refers not to a type of cotton, but to a specific weave of cotton known for its durability and crisp, smooth texture.

Guests will appreciate the feel of blended cotton sheets, while owners will appreciate their durability and ease-of-care. Also, because this kind of sheet is not made from pure cotton, it will be much more affordable. This is an ideal choice for hospitality establishments who wish to provide their guests with a cool, comfortable night’s sleep.

by: Palmetto Linen

People who travel can be very particular about the blankets in their hotel or guest lodging rooms. They want to relax after a long day and look forward to a warm, comfortable night’s sleep. Using hotel quality blankets is a way to keep customers and housekeeping happy at the same time. 

Hotel Blanket Types:

  1. Fleece Blankets (polyester or nylon)
  2. 100% Cotton Blankets
  3. Down-Alternative Quilted Blankets
stack of fleece hotel blankets

Fleece Hotel Blankets - Warm, Durable & Easy-Care

Hotel Fleece blankets are popular among guests because of their light-weight softness and warmth. Housekeepers appreciate the fact that they wash well, dry quickly, and come out looking as beautiful as when they were new

Hotel Fleece blankets are made to last. They are non-pilling and have a double-stitched hem on all four sides. Fleece Blankets are an excellent option for any hospitality or guest lodging rooms when you need long-lasting, affordable warmth for guest and easy-care for housekeeping.

100% Cotton Hospitality Blankets - Premium Comfort & Warmth

two woven cotton hotel blankets

 Hotel Blankets made from soft 100% cotton yarns provide the ultimate sleeping experience for guests. Cotton hotel blankets provide a heavy yet soft feel and are breathable for hot sleepers. 

These breathable blankets are a mainstay of premium or luxury guest accommodations. They are available in light-weight and heavier weight options depending on your preference or climate.


Down-Alternative Quilted Hotel Blankets - Versatile Comfort & Warmth

white quilted hotel blanket
Down-Alternative or Quilted Hotel Blankets are essentially light-weight comforters or duvet inserts.

The are versatile in that they can be used many different ways through out the year or depending on the climate.

Quilted Blankets are great as an additional top of the bed layer for colder sleepers that can be removed and stored for hot sleepers. They can also be used as light-weight duvet inserts for warmer climates or they can be used between a top sheet for triple sheeting. They are lightweight, yet provide warm comfort. The quilting keeps the down-alternative poly-fill from shifting when laundered, and the brushed microfiber cover is soft to the touch.

Regardless of which blanket type you choose, using commercial quality hospitality blankets from a hospitality bedding supplier is your long lasting solution to a good night's rest for guests.

by: Palmetto Linen