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Thursday, April 13, 2017

People who travel can be very particular about the blankets in their hotel or guest lodging rooms. They want to relax after a long day and look forward to a warm, comfortable night’s sleep. Using hotel quality blankets is a way to keep customers and housekeeping happy at the same time. 

Hotel Blanket Types:

  1. Fleece Blankets (polyester or nylon)
  2. 100% Cotton Blankets
  3. Down-Alternative Quilted Blankets
stack of fleece hotel blankets

Fleece Hotel Blankets - Warm, Durable & Easy-Care

Hotel Fleece blankets are popular among guests because of their light-weight softness and warmth. Housekeepers appreciate the fact that they wash well, dry quickly, and come out looking as beautiful as when they were new

Hotel Fleece blankets are made to last. They are non-pilling and have a double-stitched hem on all four sides. Fleece Blankets are an excellent option for any hospitality or guest lodging rooms when you need long-lasting, affordable warmth for guest and easy-care for housekeeping.

100% Cotton Hospitality Blankets - Premium Comfort & Warmth

two woven cotton hotel blankets

 Hotel Blankets made from soft 100% cotton yarns provide the ultimate sleeping experience for guests. Cotton hotel blankets provide a heavy yet soft feel and are breathable for hot sleepers. 

These breathable blankets are a mainstay of premium or luxury guest accommodations. They are available in light-weight and heavier weight options depending on your preference or climate.


Down-Alternative Quilted Hotel Blankets - Versatile Comfort & Warmth

white quilted hotel blanket
Down-Alternative or Quilted Hotel Blankets are essentially light-weight comforters or duvet inserts.

The are versatile in that they can be used many different ways through out the year or depending on the climate.

Quilted Blankets are great as an additional top of the bed layer for colder sleepers that can be removed and stored for hot sleepers. They can also be used as light-weight duvet inserts for warmer climates or they can be used between a top sheet for triple sheeting. They are lightweight, yet provide warm comfort. The quilting keeps the down-alternative poly-fill from shifting when laundered, and the brushed microfiber cover is soft to the touch.

Regardless of which blanket type you choose, using commercial quality hospitality blankets from a hospitality bedding supplier is your long lasting solution to a good night's rest for guests.

by: Palmetto Linen