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Saturday, May 27, 2017
ClearFresh EcoSmart Down Alternative Pillows are a premium addition to the bedtime comfort of anyone that uses them. They're thrifty, quality, and comfortable. More affordable than their down pillow counterparts, users are sure to be satisfied with them for a plethora of reasons.

First and foremost, these pillows are treated with an antimicrobial barrier. This prevents nasty little microorganisms from making a home on the surface of the pillow. The ClearFresh barrier gives permanent protection from mold, mildew, yeast, bacteria, and algae. It allows them to remain hygienic and neat for the duration of their life. EcoSmart technology makes it so the pillows can be revived and refreshed during the wash cycle and won't break down, unlike regular down pillows. ClearFresh EcoSmart Down Alternative Pillows have been tested and maintain their optimum structure for a minimum of 50 wash cycles. This includes drying them. As a result, customers need not remove the pillow with any trepidation about ruining the integrity of the product.

The pillow also boasts a 233 thread count, so even excluding a pillow case, they're soft to the touch and cozy. Not wanting to skimp on the value of the ClearFresh EcoSmart, the company also ensured that the outer casing is 100% cotton which is the least irritating to the majority of skin types. They are available in a the complete spectrum of sizes: standard size (20" x 26"), queen size (20" x 30"), and king size (20" x 36").

For customers that want the most features, for the best value, without squandering their money on products that are prone to break down, the ClearFresh is a great investment. The varied sizes and reflective elements give those buying or using them peace of mind. Peace of mind that they are using a product of the finest quality.

by: Palmetto Linen