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Monday, June 12, 2017
Imagine having a pillow that lasts the duration the warranty suggests simply because of a pillow cover. Help keep pillows plush and luxurious for longer to extend the pillow life.

Pillow protectors provide a barrier for pillows from dust and other offending items that cling onto pillows and may alter the overall cleanliness of the pillow. The Zippered Pillow Protectors - T160 Cotton/Polyester ability to minimize stains contributes significantly to keeping pillows in tip-top shape to reduce the need to purchase pillows as frequently. A cost-effective way of saving money on bedding needs is only taking care of the items used most often, such as pillows.

Comfort and quality make Zippered Pillow Protectors - T160 Cotton/Polyester stand out. These pillow protectors are created with functionality and comfort in mind. To provide the very best, this product features a fresh quality blend of cotton and polyester designed to minimize stains and prolong product durability. These pillow protectors are durable and lightweight enough to
place a pillow cover over the protector with plenty of room.

Striving to provide the comfort and quality desired, zippered pillow protectors are created with 160 threads count to envelop the pillow with a sturdy material that accommodates standard and king-sized pillows. Standard and king-size pillow cover help pillows with various fillings such as the feather, polyester, or foam pillows without difficulty.

Zippered pillow protectors are carefully fitted with anti-rust zippers featuring double sewn zippers to ensure the pillow protectors may be washed without fear of fraying. Pillow protectors feature a durable material that will withstand an average wash and dry cycle with no specific requirements.

The following features for the pillow cases are listed below;
•    Rust proof double sewn zippers
•    Standard size: (20 inches x 36 inches)
•    King size: (20 inches x 36 inches)
•    50% Cotton 50% Polyester Blend
•    Machine Washable/Dryable

by: Palmetto Linen