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Thursday, April 30, 2020

Martex Health Basics White Face Mask being worn
Due to the impact that Covid-19 is having, wearing face masks in many industries and business settings is likely to be the new normal.

At-least for a while.

Unfortunately, the sudden surge in demand for all types of face masks is straining existing mask manufacturers and distribution channels.

The volume of masks that are needed is simply overwhelming and not possible to supply with the pre-Covid-19 PPE production capacity.

The news stories coming out daily are saying that finding face masks is hard if not impossible at this time. Many of these articles give readers alternatives such as how to make them at home or other businesses and places to buy masks such as Etsy, Facebook Marketplace, and the like.

These smaller retailers and individuals making masks are a great option if you need a few face masks for yourself, family, and friends.

However, finding face masks in bulk quantities for business use has been next to impossible up until now.

Ramping up Face Masks Production for Businesses needing to Protect Employees and Clients:

Fortunately, there is a solution to the need. Many hospitality and health-care textile manufacturers are re-purposing factories to assist with the surge in demand.
westpoint home's repurposed factory making face masks

Our own manufacturing partner, WestPoint Home/Hospitality, has been manufacturing face mask for front-line medical workers at the plant in Chipley, Fl since mid-March. This cut-and-sew plant has a limited capacity, so most of the face mask and also booties being produced have been donated in coordination with government and private health-care providers to areas experiencing the greatest impact from this Coronavirus pandemic.

To increase production capacity to keep up with the increase in demand, the WestPoint Bahrain Factory has been refitted to produce Face Masks and soon other PPE. Currently, the face masks are being produced at a rate of around 70,000 face masks per day at this facility.

The Fabric Face Masks being produced are the Martex Health Basics Face Mask with SILVERbac antimicrobial technology.

The Martex Health Face Masks are currently being flown in for faster delivery to end-users in the United States and will continue for as long as needed.

We are proud to be a supply partner with WestPoint Home in getting these masks to those that need them in the U.S.

If you or anyone you know needs face mask in bulk case packs of 100 masks, you can place your orders online at the lowest wholesale price you will find anywhere on these masks. Plus, we are providing Free Shipping on all orders!

Contact us with any questions, to order by phone, or to email order request.

by: Palmetto Linen

Thursday, April 16, 2020
Restful Nights Everlasting Loft Eco-Smart Hotel Pillow laying on a bedGuest and housekeepers in hotels of all sizes have loved the EcoSmart Down-Alternative Hotel Pillows for many years.

Some of the largest hotel brands in the world use them on their guest beds. Understandable because they score high guest satisfaction ratings, provide long-lasting support wash after wash, and are eco-friendly, antimicrobial, and hypoallergenic.

Since they are found in many hotels, we get a lot of questions from people wondering if this is the same pillow they loved sleeping on in their hotel.

This is not a straight forward answer because the EcoSmart pillows with recycled x-puff cluster ball fiberfill and the non-toxic USDA approved antimicrobial treatment have been manufactured by several different companies using different pillow names over the years.

If you noted the name on the pillow tag, check if your pillow name or a similar one is listed below.

Previous EcoSmart Pillow Names as listed on pillow tags:
  • ClearFresh EcoSmart Down-Alternative Hotel Pillow
  • BioShield Eco-Smart Down-Alternative Pillow
  • Beyond Comfort Down-Alternative Hotel Pillow
  • Conformance Supreme Down-Alternative Hotel Pillows
Current/New EcoSmart Pillow Name:
White-Label Online Hotel Branded Eco Smart Pillow Names:

Some of the large hotel brands will have the manufacturer "white-labeled" their pillows so they can sell them to their guest on the hotel's e-commerce website using the hotel's brand. White-labelling simply means that the hotel chooses the name on the pillow tag and the manufacturer labels them as such. Some of the common hotel name formats include "eco" "eco-friendly" "down alternative" combined with the Hotel Brand Name like the above Branded Hotel Pillow Names.

Branded Hotel Pillow Names:
  • "Hotel Brand Name" Down Alternative Eco Pillow
  • "Hotel Brand Name" EcoSmart Down Alternative Pillow
  • Down Alternative Eco Pillow by "Hotel Brand Nam"

If you still are not sure, keep reading to learn more about the Eco-Smart Pillows.

Hospitality textile manufacturers regularly change product lines, product names, and materials for a variety of reasons.

Knowing the history and evolution of the Eco-Smart Down-Alternative Hotel Pillows with Clearfresh Antimicrobial may help you decide if this is the EcoSmart pillow that you slept on and are looking to buy.

Manufacturing History and EcoSmart Down-Alternative Pillow Names:

Louisville Bedding Company manufactured the original BioShield EcoSmart Down-Alternative Pillows featured in many Marriott ® Hotels around the world.

In 2013, Hollander Home Fashions acquired Louisville Bedding Company creating a new company called Hollander Sleep Products. Around this time, Hollander discontinued making a similar Hollander version of the Down-Alternative Eco-Friendly Pillow that was called the Beyond Comfort Hotel Pillow. The two pillow lines were merged and renamed the ClearFresh EcoSmart Down-Alternative Pillows. The ClearFresh Eco-Smart Pillows were also featured and received fantastic guest ratings in Marriott ® Hotels worldwide.

In 2017, Hollander Sleep Products acquired Pacific Coast Feather Company (PCF) while keeping the Hollander Sleep Products name for the new company.

National Sleep Products, a division of Hollander's newly acquired Pacific Coast Feather Company, had a similar version of the EcoSmart or Eco-Friendly Pillow called the Conformance Supreme Pillow Line. The Conformance Supreme Pillows were featured in many Crowne Plaza Hotels $reg;, and other large hotels around the world and had specifications that were almost identical to the ClearFresh EcoSmart Pillows.

In 2019, Hollander discontinued manufacturing the Clearfresh Ecosmart Hotel Pillows and the Conformance Supreme Line of pillows to consolidating similar product lines, manufacturing facilities, and to improve manufacturing efficiency.

At the end of 2019, Hollander Sleep Products introduced the newest version of the ClearFresh Ecosmart Down-Alternative Hotel Pillows to the hospitality marketplace under the new name: Restful Nights® Everlasting Loft® EcoSmart Pillow with ClearFresh.

If you are looking for the ClearFresh EcoSmart Down-Alternative Pillows, the BioShield EcoSmart Down-Alternative Pillows, or any of the other names listed above, then the Everlasting Loft EcoSmart Pillows are the correct pillows.

I hope this post has helped you find the hotel pillow that you are searching for by explaining the Clearfresh EcoSmart Pillow names and why there are so many different names and versions. If you still have questions, give us a call or contact us.

by: Palmetto Linen